Why Product Listing is important on E-commerce platform?

The E-commerce industry is growing at a rapid rate. If you are running an online business, you must have noticed this trend as well. With so many competitors selling the same products and services, it’s more important to stand out among the rest and increase your visibility in order to drive more sales and conversions. With so much competition out there, product listings are one of the most important factors when it comes to driving more sales. In this blog post, we will look at why product listing is important and why you need it...

Why Product Listing is Important?

Any Ecommerce platform is incomplete without product listing. It is like the backbone to any E-commerce website, as it gives the visitor an idea of what is being sold on your website. It is crucial if you want more sales and conversions on your website. Let’s see why product listing is important for any E-commerce website. There are many advantages of having product listing on your E-commerce website. Some of them are listed below -

How to Increase Visibility through Product Listing

Product images play a significant role in increasing the visibility of your product listing. To boost up the visual appeal of your product listing, you can add multiple types of images. Some of the most popular product image types are -

Image of the Product with a plain background - This is one of the most important images that you need to add to your product listing. This is the main image that will be displayed on your product listing.

Lifestyle Images:  Lifestyle images communicate a feeling, or a lifestyle. These images focus more on the story behind the product and not just the product itself. Lifestyle images show the product being used in an artistic manner by your target market in its natural state. These Lifestyle images are also called candid shots. These kinds of ecommerce images help online shoppers see your products used in a modern day to day life

Dimensional Image of the Product:  Showing the length, width and height of the product is much needed when we have a product in different variants (sizes). Returns are drastically reduced when you have the dimensional image in your listings.

Different Angles of Product Images: Depending on the product, you may use one angle more frequently than the others. The ideal angles for photographing products are shown below:

·         Front angle- Products key feature

·         Profile angle- side view of product

·         45-degree angle-Two different sides of the product

·         Back angle-Product information

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