How Seller Central and Vendor Central Made Our Client Popular on Amazon

Who We Are and What We Do?

Ecommerce Professionals provides ecommerce services specializing on Amazon and other major marketplaces.

For Amazon related services, our services include product launch strategy, vendor and seller account management, promotion management, graphic design, inventory planning, Amazon search engine optimization, Amazon pay per click advertising, Amazon analytics, content management, enhanced brand content A+ detail pages, to name a few. We have experts related to the above mentioned fields.

In addition to Amazon Services we perform other ecommerce services on major marketplaces including Wayfair, Walmart, Overstock, Groupon, Fingerhut, JC Penny, Hayneedle, Houzz, Blue Stem Brands, Target, Tractor Supplies, Woot, Zulily just to name a few.

Understanding the Difference between Seller Central and Vendor Central

  • Seller Central allows the business owners to sell their products through Amazon to the customers. If you have a seller central account, you are considered as a marketplace or a third party seller. The sellers can register themselves. The sellers can decide the cost of their products. Once they receive an order, the sellers can adopt two steps. One is where the sellers are responsible, beginning from processing the order until the product gets delivered to the customer. The second one is where the sellers can choose FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) that Amazon handles processing, packing and delivering the product.

  • Vendor central allows the business owners to sell their products wholesale to Amazon directly where you act as a supplier. You can gain access to vendor central only through invites. Once Amazon buys it, the remaining process will be taken care of by Amazon. Amazon decides the cost of the product. You can identify whether a brand uses vendor central if you see that the product is shipped and sold by Amazon. Amazon takes care of fraud, theft, damage or related issues.

Delving Deep into the Case Study…

We were approached by our client, for launching their products on Amazon using seller central. They already had a vendor central account and not performing to their expectations. We developed a strategy to create effective advertising campaigns and utilize the vendor central features and aim at maximum sales as a starter. For seller central, we also had to find out the best products they had sold through their websites and other sources.


  • Identify the best products from the list and give them priority
  • Create low cost and effective advertisement campaigns
  • Optimize product listings which would have strong conversion rates
  • Consistency in sales and its growth
  • Make top selling product as Amazon’s choice within the category
  • Use amazons marketing services and campaigns
  • Gain a stand in the market and make the world know the presence of the brand
  • Give importance to keywords and PPC marketing


  • One of our client’s product became Amazon’s choice and the product got major positive reviews
  • As the product became a hit, the goal of making the presence of the brand known was successful
  • Advertisement campaigns were a hit and the sales growth was clearly visible at lesser ACoS
  • Keywords and PPC marketing was a success as the products which were given less attention during the first month, also had an impressive sales record
  • The products which were given priority exceeded our expectations in sales which helped this brand to build a strong stand point on Amazon


  • Identifying the best opportunities to grow was a challenging task as there were active competitors who offered similar products
  • Identifying the right mix of products for Seller Central and Vendor Central. Within Seller Central identifying the right products to be sent to FBA and for achieve Seller Fulfilled Prime for rest of the products
  • We had to do an in depth study regarding the products which we had decided to give prime focus on to find the USP (Unique Service Proposition) of the products offered by the brand
  • Achieving “Amazon’s choice” in the top keywords of the particular category was yet another challenge as we had to make sure that the title, image, description etc was catchy and appealing to the buyers
  • Gaining an initial impact on Amazon was difficult, as the company had no prior experiences on such a popular platform
  • Building from scratch was time consuming and aiming at stability in sales graph was yet another challenging task we had to face


  • Executed with the help of market analysis to identify faster growth rates
  • Cleaned up Amazon catalogues which helped in reducing duplicates and to grab the opportunities in front of us
  • Performed an in-depth keyword research into each product category
  • SEO friendly content was introduced into listings
  • Utilized all the available features and resources to make the products look better and more appealing
  • Developed Amazons marketing services campaigns to increase sales and listing traffic


Our client was happy with the tremendous results achieved within a short time. Our strategy was a success and helped them build their brand and hit the expected target on time. We also helped them achieve the Amazon’s choice slot in the top keywords of the particular category, which still remains as Amazon’s choice. This product became one of the favorites of the customers and has a huge demand. Our client still experiences strong growth, month after month and the customers are happy with the fast packing as well as shipping of the client’s products.