How we Conducted Product Audit for Our Client

Who We Are and What We Do?

Ecommerce Professionals provides ecommerce services specializing on Amazon and other major marketplaces.

For Amazon related services, our services include product launch strategy, vendor and seller account management, promotion management, graphic design, inventory planning, Amazon search engine optimization, Amazon pay per click advertising, Amazon analytics, content management, enhanced brand content A+ detail pages, to name a few. We have experts related to the above mentioned fields.

In addition to Amazon Services we perform other ecommerce services on major marketplaces including Wayfair, Walmart, Overstock, Groupon, Fingerhut, JC Penny, Hayneedle, Houzz, Blue Stem Brands, Target, Tractor Supplies, Woot, Zulily just to name a few.

Understanding What a Website Audit is

A website audit is the process of fully analyzing the products from a manufacturer, listed on a retail site or a marketplace. Website audit is an essential part of an ecommerce business. It helps in getting an overview regarding the performance of the business as well as a detailed idea on the issues related to it. Product auditing is done in order to spot the necessary changes or errors to rectify them and to make the website strong enough for an online competition with the rival brands.

Delving Deep into the Case Study…

We were approached by our client for conducting website audit to understand how they are performing and to get a detailed idea on the issues they face when it comes to selling of the products. We helped them identify their issues, rectified it and made the website strong so that they could compete with the other existing brands who are active in selling the products.


  • Work on indexing and SEO of their products
  • Identify and remove duplicate content or products
  • Remove irrelevant content with no stress to keywords
  • Fixing the content reduces product returns


  • Within two months, we found that the websites generated more traffic from social media sites, search engines, shopping websites etc.
  • After 6 months, the results were significant and the number of leads generated went beyond the client’s target and expectations
  • There was an increase in new visitors to the website
  • Visible increase in conversions also was a good news to us


  • Identifying duplicate items was a challenge as the brand was a established brand and same products were repeated more than two times by resellers
  • We faced challenge when it came to content as we needed impressive and to the point content which makes people aware of the benefits and uses of the products rather than the flowery content
  • Content rework including keywords was a time consuming process


  • Conducted a filtered search and double checked the same which helped in eliminating duplicates product listings
  • Performed an in-depth keyword research into each product category
  • SEO friendly content was implemented for each product
  • Identified and fixed issues in each and every product


Our client was happy with the tremendous results achieved within a short time. Our strategy was a success and helped them build their brand and hit the expected target on time. As a result, the client received lot of orders and their products had a huge demand. Our client still experiences strong growth and increased traffic, month after month and the customers are happy with the user friendly website and ease in ordering and browsing through the products.