How we Help Other Amazon Agencies

Who We Are and What We Do?

Ecommerce Professionals provides ecommerce services specializing on Amazon and other major marketplaces.

For Amazon related services, our services include product launch strategy, vendor and seller account management, campaign management, promotion management, graphic design, inventory planning, Amazon search engine optimization, Amazon pay per click advertising, Amazon analytics, content management, enhanced brand content, A+ detail pages to name a few. We have experts related to the above mentioned fields.

In addition to Amazon Services, we perform other e-commerce services on major marketplaces including Wayfair, Walmart, Overstock, Groupon, Fingerhut, JC Penny, Hayneedle, Houzz, Blue Stem Brands, Target, Tractor Supplies, Woot, Zulily just to name a few.

Delving deep into the case study…

We were approached by an agency for helping them out in few of the projects they were working on. The agency is in the business of managing many of its clients’ Amazon vendor and seller central accounts. The work which they wanted us to look into included working with enhanced brand images, managing product listings, A+ page creation, Amazon SEO, revising existing content for products, Pay Per Click management, inventory management and managing tickets related to Amazon.

First Month

The agency was reluctant to assign us any work since most of the work is being executed offshore. We made them feel comfortable stating that the owners of the company have over 30 years of US experience in IT and ecommerce industry. Following the initial conversation, the agency started off with a small assignment by offering us to work on enhanced brand images for three products. The client wanted us to provide five images per product which included four feature images and one lifestyle image. We used the template they wanted us to follow for all the images. The graphic designer started working on the images. We also had the content writer of our team coordinate with the designer for creating content for A+ page. The graphic designer, along with our team lead, delivered the project in two days with a billable effort of less than 10 hours. They were impressed and were extremely happy from the final output.

Second Month

Our Agency has weekly calls with their clients and wanted us to create presentation and reports with the performance analysis. We downloaded reports from Amazon, took the previous template of the power point presentation and made the necessary changes for them to present it to their clients. As the relation between us and the client got stronger, they wanted to try us out on our SEO and PPC expertise. The agency wanted us to review the listing and suggest any changes needed to the listings, which helps in optimizing in the search algorithm on Amazon. They also wanted us to manage the campaigns for one of their clients.

Their requirement was to manage the SEO, campaigns, generate weekly reports and create power point presentations for three of their active product campaigns.

By the end of the month, we started handling three clients from the agency for generating reports and power point presentations and two clients for enhanced brand images. Regular updates were provided to the agency through e-mails. Weekly conference calls were held to update the status of the projects we handle.

Third Month

The PPC work continued and the campaigns gradually changed. The ACoS came down and generated more sales. The agency added PPC work for 6 more products for the same client. The PPC work started consuming more time and as a result, the PPC expert had to work for more than 25 hours to manage the growing campaigns. Simultaneously, the project manager was in charge of compiling the work reports, coordinating with the designer, SEO, content writer and also with the PPC expert and communicating with the agency.

Fourth Month

The agency wanted us to start off with a new project on Enhanced Brand Images for beauty products. It was a challenging task for us as beauty products was new to our team. We performed a competitor analysis just to make sure that we deliver the best output to the client. We had to provide Enhanced Brand Images for eight products. The client wanted us to provide five images per product which included three feature images, one “how to use” image and one lifestyle image. We used the color pattern, font and other requirements they wanted us to follow for all the images.

The agency also wanted us to take care of the PPC campaigns for this product. At this time, our PPC expert started working full time. We started handling five clients of the agency with around 70 products and their PPC campaigns.

Fifth Month

The work started growing month on month, as our co-ordination with the agency increased from weekly to daily basis either by emails or by phone.

In the PPC front, the project manager used to compile the work from the graphic designer, content writer, SEO expert, PPC expert, power point and excel reporting analyst and used to communicate with the agency through e-mails and conference calls.

The agency, at this stage, wanted us to resolve certain issues related to the product listing like raising of tickets, uploading the right images for the right variants and to rectify certain minor errors in product listing on Amazon. The Project manager coordinated to solve these minor issues and report it to the client. We also started submitting weekly time and activity report to the agency which helped them to keep a track of time and effort we put in for working on various projects.

Sixth Month

By this month, the team was fully focused on handling PPC campaigns and enhanced brand images. The agency, by then was confident about our PPC expertise and added more PPC campaigns. They also wanted us to handle enhanced brand images for beauty products for an international client. We had to provide enhanced brand images for many products with many variants. The project manager used to coordinate and provide regular updates to the agency, also provide weekly time and activity reports and power point presentations (PPC) for all the projects we handle. We still continue working for the agency which is in high spirits regarding the work we do at Ecommerce Professionals.


  • Identified the requirements of the client
  • Identified how to go about each project and provide the desired result
  • Ensured and overlooked that the task was done on the stipulated timeframe
  • Coordinated among PPC, content and designing team to ensure that the output is derived smoothly
  • Made sure that the client was happy
  • Managed time for handling all the projects


  • We finished the projects on time which gave fruitful results
  • Regarding PPC, the ACoS came down for most of the campaigns we handled
  • With SEO, the listings for majority of the keywords improved organically, resulting in more sales. PPC also helped in boosting organic results
  • We got better understanding on different product categories which include pet, beauty, home and garden
  • The fall of ACoS boosted sales and generated orders, which made us look positive
  • Enhanced brand images boosted the product listing and helped in generating more sales
  • Currently, we manage five of our agencies’ client, handling over 100 products and managing SEO, PPC, enhanced brand images, A+ content, reporting and power point presentations assisting them for client presentations. The resources working for this agency are: 1 Project Manager, 2 full time PPC experts, 1 part time PPC expert, 1 part time SEO expert, 1 graphic designer and 1 part time content writer


  • Figuring out the requirements were time consuming
  • Lack of time was an issue as the team was also taking care of other projects
  • We started off working part time for this client but as the requirements increased, we had to prioritize and had to allocate more time and effort
  • As each of our team members is working on more than one client project, allocating time effectively initially was a challenge.


  • Performed an in-depth analysis on the competitor products based on the client requirements
  • As the projects to handle increased, we had to add more resources to the team to fulfill clients requirement
  • Provided weekly work reports, power point presentations and communicated through e-mails on a regular basis
  • Attended weekly tele- conferencing calls to update the status of each projects


Our agency was ecstatic with the results achieved. We still continue to work for our agency in a similar manner, handling various other projects. As the senior management of the organization collectively has more than 30 years of US experience with Fortune 500 companies, we are confident enough to deliver the results according the client standards. We are confident that for every new client the agency engages, we will increase our involvement with this agency.