Images are an important element of an optimized Amazon listing. With this art form, you can grow your sales by uploading right images to the listing.

Images can help you improve your listing position in search engine results and also enhance the customer’s shopping experience. It also helps in steping up your product sales and profits. Our service helps your business by giving suggestions, in order to optimize the impact of your product pictures.

We also check and audit your competitor’s product images to pick notable features and provide actionable recommendations, for example, take new pictures which highlight the different features of your product and its advantages to convince users to buy.

Our product listing optimization activities include creating graphics and design custom comparison charts. Creating stunning images in the right quantity, using creative skills, paying attention to background and lighting can improve your rankings remarkably. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could in fact be worth a thousand sales. Hence, video is always beneficial. A ‘how to’ video for assembling the ordered product will be a great help to customer.

We ensure that these key elements are followed to have successful product images on Amazon.

1) Ensure that the product is showcased with a white background.

2) The Product image should be large enough to use zoom feature. Amazon recommends images to be at least 1000 pixels wide or high. It recommends a maximum pixel limit of 2560.

3) Add product benefits inside the product listing like including a custom graphics, reflecting how tough the material is.

Let us be part of your product listings by providing excellent images that enhance your product and push the buyer to click the buy button. Our creative designers can take your current photographs and convert them into best images to increase traffic for your product listing. We would be happy to support your Amazon business by offering our best image optimization services to you.

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