Amazon marketplace is an ecommerce network that allows brands, manufacturers, resellers and online retailers to list products on Amazon. Amazon online sales are roughly 50% of U.S. ecommerce market. Being such a valuable and competitive selling platform, it also provides valuable revenue-generating opportunities for the participating sellers and manufacturers.

Ecommerce Professionals is a dedicated marketing consultancy, specializing in marketplace management for brands, manufacturers, resellers, and retailers. We help these brands and manufacturers grow their business on Amazon, along with other marketplaces. We devote ourselves in helping you sell most of your products on Amazon.

Amazon platform is highly complex and figuring it out is a daunting task. That’s why we use our unique expertise and extensive experience with Amazon, to help the brands that come to us. Using the inputs from brands, we help them figure out the right strategy, execute them effectively and leverage data to bring in meaningful results. Being experts in the latest technology and analytics, we strive to provide you with the optimum solution for maximum revenues.

Product Launch:

Bringing new products to Amazon marketplace and making them successful requires a winning strategy which involves two activities: optimizing the product listing and building up a quick sales history. To launch a product with an optimized listing, one needs to follow the Amazon A9 algorithm.

Our company’s experience and expertise in listing optimization and devising strategies allows us to build powerful launch strategies for our brands and resellers without any cut in profits. With the help of our clients, we create plans to execute that utilize both on and off Amazon strategies- on Amazon or other websites or platforms. We understand that each and every client has unique opportunities and resources to help in their product launch. We also try to fully learn about our clients’ current marketing credits before the product launch. This gives us a chance to maximize our trials, minimize unwanted product loss and get your products selling at their full potential in advance.

Development Stage:

The strategy formulation period is the point at which we truly become acquainted with our customers. We learn about our customers, their organizations and what is most critical to them. To reach the correct decision-based strategy, we take a detailed note of your business idea on Amazon. We access and assess your product catalog and analyze the specific Amazon business idea, taking all perspectives into consideration. After this, we help in designing a robust and strategic action plan for a successful term on Amazon.

Our objectives in the development stage are to build up the length of the launch, advertising targets, traffic sources, promotions and product optimization. After setting these objectives with our clients, we make arrangements to effectively encourage them, allowing them to comprehend our strategy. We continuously interact with our customers throughout the development stage, ensuring that both the sides are harmonious along with each other.

Competitor Analysis:

After analyzing your product catalog along with the business plan, we will identify and inspect your present competitors and similar sellers on Amazon. We also provide an extensive product and market analysis report. This consolidated marketplace analysis report will give valuable insights on Amazon customer behavior & Amazon market trends, opportunities and strategies implemented by their Amazon counterparts.

We keep the following criteria in mind during our thorough competitor analysis.

1) Competitor identification proof and reverse ASIN analysis

2) Weekly/month to month deals/ volumes per item/per search term

3) Product pages age, content and search terms

4) Major competitor product investigation, including product issues and feedback

5) Identification of competitor offer, promotional messages and guarantees

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