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Amazon Listing Optimization | Rank Your Products Higher

SEO Content Creation for optimized listings is all about identifying the best keywords and using them according to their rankings to help achieve a greater Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Increasing customer conversion rate, will lead to two very important things for your listings and Amazon business.

1) Optimized listings lead to increased sales and revenue – Better content leads to higher chance of a customer clicking the buy button, even though the number of visitors to the listing are the same.

2) Increased sales generate more listing traffic - Amazon actively rewards listings through higher customer conversions and increased traffic. The best listings are ranked higher on Amazon when it is searched for by a customer. This results in more views by more customers and eventually generates greater sales

During this stage, we optimise the listings for conversions as per Amazon’s a9 algorithm. We achieve this through listing out the optimization and keyword research.

1) Keyword Research

Keyword research is the initial and important part of any rewarding optimisation campaign. This includes identifying keywords for your products to rank inside Amazon’s search engine for long as well as short tailed keywords.

Starting the keyword research process simply involves exploring what the potential keywords would be for a specific product. After years of experience, keyword research has become an area of expertise for our company. Using the process mentioned above, we take our seed keywords and input these into a third party software to get hundreds of variations along with important keyword ideas that may not have been known at first place. During the final keyword research stage, we also gather semi-accurate data from the keyword tool for Amazon monthly search volumes.

Through this process, we would have acquired a large selection of keywords related to your product. The final stage of keyword research is facilitated by using a tool that draws data directly from Amazon. The tool generates keywords along with variations that you cannot find by merely typing different adaptations into Amazon. The keyword research phase usually provides 50-500 keywords based on the campaign. These keywords can be used in listing optimization and PPC campaigns later on.

2) Optimisation Of Product Listings

This is the second step of stage 1 in the process of optimizing the product listings. This is essential for long term Amazon profits. Optimization of an Amazon listing invloves implementing your keywords and copy them in such a way that it acquires a high rank on Amazon. With a higher ranking on Amazon, you get more visitors who later on get converted into customers.

We make use of apt tactics for search engine optimization such as: preparing a navigation structure using keywords, methodically placing them in the page content along with the Search Terms (Title, description and all tags), employing latent semantic indexing (proper use of other words and phrases similar to keywords) in the content.

Our SEO Services Include:
  • SEO auditing – We analyse and prepare a complete report of your current status for organic search
  • Formulating SEO strategy which includes objectives, tactics, Key performance indicators, and tracking
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Content creation/development
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Testing
  • SEO copywriting

If you have the products to launch, we have the expertise and the resources to help you make your products visible and rank high in Amazon search results and dominate over your competitors. Overlooking Amazon SEO optimization can be shattering. We follow the best practices recommended by Amazon. Contact us or schedule a meeting to reach out to you so that we can help you dominate the Amazon marketplace.