Products Audit and Competitor Analysis

Website Audit

Marketplaces Product audit is the process of fully analyzing the products from a manufacturer, listed on a retail site or a marketplace. It is an essential part of an ecommerce business. It helps in getting an overview regarding the performance of the business as well as a detailed idea on the issues related to it. Performing an audit is essential whether it is on your website or on any marketplace to present the products in the most appropriate way. Let’s find out certain aspects of marketplaces product audit and how it can prove to be beneficial to run a business successfully.

1) Reduce Returns and Increase Profitability: Through marketplaces product audit, we eliminate errors in the product listings. This, in turn, reduces the returns because we pass on accurate information about the product, thus increasing profitability.

2) Increasing Conversion Rates: Through marketplaces product audit, we thoroughly examine each details of your product, to minimize errors and maximize profit. Strategic planning and accurate implementation while auditing, can however, lead to increased conversions for a higher ROI on your marketing dollars.

3) SEO: Good SEO always focuses on providing the best user experiences followed by better visibility. A good marketplaces product audit will have the capability to evaluate the SEO and identify how it overlaps with user experience so that you can balance out both and make your users happy.

4) Enhanced Usability: Overly complicated design and cluttering of information can be a turndown for your product page on marketplace which cannot yield much results. If your product page is not clear with the message, the visitors may leave and never return. A marketplaces product audit can help you simplify your product page in terms of design, structure and content after identifying what works best with the visitors.

5) Content Strength: If you have strong content on your product page, the users come back. Auditing your content can help in understanding the type of content users like and how they would like to view it. (in the form of images, info graphics, videos etc.) Auditing can help you decide a content strategy which focuses on what the users want specifically and can increase organic rankings in marketplace, as a result of good content.

Marketplaces product audit is done in order to spot the necessary changes or errors, to rectify them and to make the product page strong enough for an online competition with the rival brands. If you haven’t had a marketplaces product audit, brand or website SEO audit recently, now is the time! Just contact us or schedule a meeting